I work with different aspects of yoga, starting off with settling and grounding to give you a chance to quieten the mind and bring focus to body and breath.  This is followed by warm-up exercises and correct breathing techniques, working up to asanas (postures in yoga) which are gently gained, sometimes using aids and blocks to facilitate and maximise the postures.  I introduce philosophical themes to each session.  Classes are always finished with a wind-down with relaxation techniques, again to bring your body back to equilibrium.

If you have any health problems or are undergoing treatment for any medical condition you should consult your doctor prior to practising yoga.  Although yoga improves your health and may often help to alleviate some conditions, it must never be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice.

There is no competition in yoga and it is important to work at your own ability and not compare yourself with others but listen to how your body feels. The teacher needs to know if you have physical pain and can suggest alternative postures. You will become increasingly aware of your body and will be surprised at the progress of suppleness and flexibility with regular practice.

It is important not to practise after a heavy meal but to wait at least two hours before doing yoga. Allow one hour after a light snack.

Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement and keep jewellery to a minimum.  Standing postures are practised with bare feet.

Bring warm clothing, socks and a blanket for relaxation.

We work on a non-slip yoga mat, with a block for the head and/or base of the spine.

Please advise your teacher of any conditions that may affect your ability to practise yoga, e.g. back conditions, joint problems, high blood pressure or pregnancy.

To find out more just text or ring Margaret on 07968 264383.